Our Quest Education provides the learning foundation for surviving the real business world using case studies.
In the Quest Education, we offer the students Virtual Business Experience Course.
Through the above mentioned course, students are able to learn in the classroom, how they can think critically, solve problems creatively, innovate, collaborate, and communicate in the business world.

“Social Change English” can make your students, teachers and children around the world smile. Thinking about people have concerns, solving them and sharing their ideas with students all over the world.
Guess what will happen?
Your students will think “Iʼm not alone, because I am connected with this world.” You will witness that your students become a change maker in your class room.

“Social Change English” Course
  • Modules of “Social Change English” Course

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    Practicing the way to discuss,
    make a plan and give a presentation about ”school life”.

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    Working on real “Social Change” such as thinking about someone in need with brainstorming, making a decision whom students really want to help and giving a presentation.

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    Learning from real change makers, brush up and create their ideas.

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    Focusing on their final presentation and reflection.

Cover Image:
Yoko Ono, Add Color Painting (Refugee Boat), 1960/2016 © 2016 Yoko Ono.
Photo courtesy of Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,Thessaloniki, Greece.

"Virtual Business Experience" Course
  • Modules of “Virtual Business Experience“ Course

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    -Course introduction
    -Select one of the topics provided from the supporting company.

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    Virtual Business Experience

    -Make a team and discuss the topic selected with an adviser from the supporting company.

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    Proceed the Project

    -Conduct field researches.
    -Write a research report.

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    -Give a presentation at school.
    -Evaluate the presentation mutually.



40 covers of workbooks drawn
by the professional creators
are prepared for the student.

Our unique cover design
empowers each student's originality
and creativity.

Quest Cup is held annually in February. The goal of the Quest Cup is to provide an opportunity for the Quest Education students to present the results of their research through the Quest Education Program to a panel of judges, who are the business persons, engineers, professors and business experts.

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